THE GAME HAS A LOADING BUG! To fix it: wait until the game is loaded 100% then right click on the game screen and select the Play option. When the game goes blank right-click and select play again and then the game will load properly and you can play!
Look here for -->Doodle Devil Walkthrough - Play the Original: Doodle God PLAY New Version: Doodle God 2

Doodle GodDoodle GodDoodle God
Doodle God BlitzDoodle God BlitzDoodle God Blitz
Doodle God 2Doodle God 2Doodle God 2
3D Cube Puzzle3D Cube Puzzle3D Cube Puzzle
3D Logic3D Logic3D Logic
Assembler 3Assembler 3Assembler 3

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