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Battle Dawn

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Battle Dawn

Battle Dawn is a real time strategy game for the ultimate armchair warrior hell bent on the dream of world domination! The game starts out by letting you select a theme you would like to play under. Battle Dawn Mars is a futuristic theme with Sci Fi settings and gameplay. Battle Dawn Earth is for the modern warfare player, better to know what your working with seeing as you know todays technology and weaponry. Battle Dawn Fantasy is set in the medieval times with knights, magic and etc. You will start out by zooming into the map and setting up your colony in an unoccupied locations and immediately begin gather resources to grow your colony and gain power. You can make deals with other players and break them and betray them if you wish. Select a server that runs at your speed if you are a hardcore gamer then set the ticks to the max if you are more casual then tick 1 and you are good to go. Now stop reading it is time to battle on in Battle Dawn!

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