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Noisy New Jersey gamer earns SWAT response

Posted in TGS News on July 17th, 2009 09:27 AM

by Ben Silverman of Yahoo!

An over-exuberant gamer made such a racket during a heated game session that investigating police called in a SWAT team for help, reports


The trouble started when local authorities received a call from a woman who heard screams coming from a house in New Jersey's Bound Brook borough. Upon questioning the resident, an as-yet unidentified man, police were told that he was shouting because he was playing video games.

The man reportedly then became "irrational," prompting the officers to request backup. In response, the man locked his door and refused to let officers into the house. Police proceeded to call in the Somerset Country SWAT team, who set up shop in the parking lot of a nearby high school, although the man finally relented and came out on his own without further incident.

The gamer has been charged with disorderly conduct and is currently undergoing psychological evaluation at a nearby hospital.

Via Kotaku.

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