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Tower Defense Games - Fun Time Wasters

Posted in Game Websites on February 22nd, 2012 12:33 PM

If you're bored and have an hour to spare, tower defense games can be the way to go. They are a fun time waster. They are a strangely addictive little game, and there are plenty of flash sites that support them. 

Tower Defense Games
The amount of tower defense flash games online have multiplied like bunnies on steroids the past few years. From actual tower building to balloons to bubbles, every variation is habit-forming in its own way. Small hordes of angry villagers or rogue balloons or whatever that particular game unleashes march towards your defenses, and you have to hope you've built an adequate front line to repel the attack. If you haven't built a proper defense, then you better have the extra money and space to create more towers quickly or it's game over. Those unrelenting, angry hordes will march down the line and destroy your castle/balloon headquarters/gem factory.

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