Similar games to Jailbreakers

Coded HallwayCoded Hallway
Coded HallwayPuzzle Games
Daymare CatDaymare Cat
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Mental ShowtimeMental Showtime
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Alexia Crow: The Cave of HeroesAlexia Crow: The Cave of Heroes
Alexia Crow: The Cave of HeroesPuzzle Games
Alexia Crow: The Deal of the GodsAlexia Crow: The Deal of the Gods
Alexia Crow: The Deal of the GodsPuzzle Games
Alexia Crow: Pandora's BoxAlexia Crow: Pandora's Box
Alexia Crow: Pandora's BoxPuzzle Games
Squirrel EscapeSquirrel Escape
Squirrel EscapePuzzle Games
PsychoutPuzzle Games
Birdish PetroleumBirdish Petroleum
Birdish PetroleumPuzzle Games
Fun Da VinciFun Da Vinci
Fun Da VinciPuzzle Games
Rico NinjaRico Ninja
Rico NinjaPuzzle Games
Pretentious Game 2Pretentious Game 2
Pretentious Game 2Puzzle Games
Eat RocketsEat Rockets
Eat RocketsPuzzle Games
Parallel LevelsParallel Levels
Parallel LevelsPuzzle Games
The Great Magician's CurseThe Great Magician's Curse
The Great Magician's CursePuzzle Games
Sieger 2: Age of GunpowderSieger 2: Age of Gunpowder
Sieger 2: Age of GunpowderPuzzle Games
Siege MasterSiege Master
Siege MasterPuzzle Games
KnightfallPuzzle Games
Test PilotTest Pilot
Test PilotPuzzle Games
FraggerPuzzle Games
Siege Hero Viking VengeanceSiege Hero Viking Vengeance
Siege Hero Viking VengeancePuzzle Games
Imperial Battle TacticsImperial Battle Tactics
Imperial Battle TacticsPuzzle Games
InsantatariumPuzzle Games
Flagstaff: Chapter FourFlagstaff: Chapter Four
Flagstaff: Chapter FourPuzzle Games
Monster BasementMonster Basement
Monster BasementPuzzle Games
Monster Basement 2Monster Basement 2
Monster Basement 2Puzzle Games
Flagstaff Chapter ThreeFlagstaff Chapter Three
Flagstaff Chapter ThreePuzzle Games
Legendary ThievesLegendary Thieves
Legendary ThievesPuzzle Games