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Action Adventure Games

The Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen said, "Adventure is just bad planning," which is an amazing, yet accurate, description of a certain series of events that takes a person down an unexpected and sometimes dangerous path. If one thing is certain it is that people crave bad planning because spontaneity and the unexpected are just plain fun. Action Adventure Games exist to feed that craving because, despite the worst planning imaginable, most of us cannot manage to run off on a real-world adventure. The games in this category more than suffice to take the player on an action adventure quest that will range from the classic sword and sorcery expedition to the less expected mysteries of uncharted islands and forests.

Explore dungeons, slay dragons, survive the tests of nature and lead armies into epic combat. The adventure is the fun part, but don't forget that one little qualifier 'action;' expect to be inundated with chaos that will keep your blood pressure spiked and your eyes rattling in their sockets. Action Adventure Games are for the player looking for a little blood, bile, mystery and pandemonium to whittle away their evening without the inconvenience of leaving a comfy chair. Don't worry, these games are the worst planned imaginable...in a good way.     Wikipedia