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Air Traffic Control Games

Just like everything else in the natural world video games are subject to certain physical and mathematical laws. Reality is governed by predictable rules like gravity and motion, but the online universe of games has a different set. Air Traffic Control Games are a perfect example of one of these laws which we'll call the SIMS Effect - things that are usually considered boring, dangerous or stressful in reality make for perfect gaming fun. The more boring, dangerous or stressful these actions would be the greater they make the game if incorporated. If you doubt this just remember that one of the most popular computer games of all time involved going to work, paying bills and occasionally getting your T.V. stolen...classic gaming fun, not so much in reality.

In these games the player will take over the position of an air traffic controller, which is considered one of the most stressful careers in the world (so by the SIMS Effect you know it must be good). Keep the runway clear, the passengers loaded, the planes in the air and most importantly of all avoid collisions. Air Traffic Control Games are the ultimate category of time management games, only players with a constantly vigilante and roving eye and the demeanor of a Theravada monk will keep the air traffic under control. Test your nerves and skills with these free flash games.     Wikipedia