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Ben 10, the young boy with the watch-like alien device called the Omnitrix (later called the Ultimatrix) which allows him to change into 10 different alien creatures, is back. Ben Tennyson and his cousin Gwen Tennyson who was born not only in the same year, but also on the same day, are back with more villains trying to stop them In Ben 10 Omniverse. Will they prevail? The Omnitrix, which looks like an ordinary wristwatch, was originally intended to grant its wearer the experience of other species in order to create understanding and bring peace throughout the universe. Villains far and wide will do all they can in order to stop Ben. In order for Ben to do what is necessary, the Omnitrix allows the transformation into 10 distinct alien forms in Ben 10 games online.
The Diamondhead, which is composed of materials stronger than diamonds, allows Ben to make different weapons which can cut through most things. It refracts light, and can shoot diamond shards.
Fourarms is a 12 foot tall alien with four arms with excellent strength and endurance. Creates sonic waves by clapping.
Ghostfreak can move through solid matter, and can fly, coupled with telepathic and telekinetic capabilities.
Grey Matter, though only five inches tall, is super smart adapting to his surroundings. His sticky skin allows him to climb almost anything.
Heatblast who absorbs as well as creates heat, can shoot bolts of fire and either throw or roll fireballs.
Ripjaw is aquatic, able to breathe underwater, swim, and change his legs into a tail with fins.
Stinkfly an insect, can spit slime. He also has pincer legs and a tail sharp as a razor.
The Upgrade merges with technology upgrading it, and shoots positronic energy rays.
Wildmutt is a canine-like alien who though blind makes up for it with the other senses, while firing razor-edged quills from his back.
XLR8 is lightening-fast with speeds up to 300mph, and can bend friction to his will.
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