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Online Bike Games to Play!

Hit the dirt and pull some major air with bike games. The two wheeled speed demons are the ultimate tool for off road, all terrain stunt pulling action. If you're a fan of vertebrae cracking speeds and scantily clad women on racing bikes (and if you're not you should be) then this gaming category is the morsel of fossil fueled driven goodness your gamer brain has been looking for. Gauge your balance and the very limits of speed which will put a whole new meaning to the phrase "terminal velocity."

Racing games are a big part of this sub-genre and provide the opposition to keep the player pressing his or her skills behind the handle bars on different motocross tracks. But some of the best fun available in these games is the solo no rules ride where the only objective is to drive absurdly fast and flip and trick your way into high score history. Bike games are perfect for stunt driven driving. Most of these games are going to come as an extreme challenge; if you can manage to multi-task keeping the character balanced, traveling at top speeds and pulling off a few mid-air tricks after hitting the jumps without turning over and splaying your characters face against the asphalt then you deserve a certificate for overly exceptional motor skills (pun intended).

If you love the feel of two wheels attached to an engine between your knees or crave the crazy acrobatics of big air BMX riding this game category will keep you hooked to your computer screen for the foreseeable future. Race the clock, a horde of opponents or just hold fast as you climb a nearly 90 degree incline with a teetering dirt bike. There is also one added bonus: remember that dream you've always had of pushing an old man in a wheelchair down a hill with rockets attached to the spokes? Yeah, that's right, have fun.     Wikipedia