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Bloons Games

It is doubtfully news to anyone that the ultimate nemesis of the primate is the balloon. We all know the ancient legends of the great balloon wars that nearly whipped the simian race from the face of the planet, and now it is time for revenge as you lead the monkeys back into action with Bloons Games. Arm your army of apes with as many pointy and projectile weapons available and carefully construct your defenses of pins and needles to outwit the hell spawn 99 (and more) red balloons.

There are a few fun variations on the original design of these games, but the heart and soul of the monkey mayhem still lies with the tower defense game. Hordes of the multi-color latex monstrosities, some with thick iron armor, will try to overrun the peaceful monkey race. Bloons Games will test your ability to think strategically and your ability to not laugh as a monkey pilots a biplane bombing balloons (no one has yet passed this latter task). Tactically line the path the balloons will take with a selection of monkeys with different weapons, from the humble thumb tack to a bazooka, and other booby traps and, of course, different towers with special powers. Lead the monkeys to victory and destroy more balloons than a night janitor at Chuck E' Cheese after a six-year-old's birthday party.     Wikipedia