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One board, sixty-four squares, twenty-four pieces and two players - with Checkers Games the magic number adds up to 91. With those numbers and a little love for the game you have the perfect past time among board games. If you're old enough you may have a few memories of playing against your grandfather and never winning (unless he let you); now it is time to turn the tables, with the availability of endless games online you can practice in secret against computer and live opponents and make the old man sweat the next time the board is brought out. Revenge, especially with Checkers, is a dish best served cold.

One of the greatest features of Checkers is its simple rules. Unlike chess, a game with which it shares a number of characteristics, anyone at any age level can learn to play Checkers Games in just a few minutes. It is also a much more casual game that can be played between friends looking more to socialize than to prove their tactical superiority (unless you're a tourney junky who takes Checkers seriously, then it is a life and blood sport instead of a game). However you approach the subject Checkers is one of only a handful of board games that have reached a legendary status and will certainly be played both live and online by countless players for as long as civilization holds together.     Wikipedia