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One of the oldest board and strategy games still to exists. Chess games are the ultimate challenge for the brainy gamer. Since Garry Kasparov lost to the super-computer Deep Blue in 1997 the potential for computers to be real opponents at the board has reached new heights and with nothing more than an internet connection anyone now has the opportunity to play one tough game of chess anywhere, anytime. If you're uncomfortable playing against a computer opponent there are plenty of multiplayer games here to sharpen your teeth against a real flesh and blood chess knight.

Dedicated players will know that chess is more than a game, it is an art form, even a lifestyle, that takes years of practice and study to master. But this doesn't mean Chess Games cannot be a fun, casual exercise for the brain. That is one of the great things about chess, it is a flexible board game that can be approached in various ways but will always test your tactical skills. Players can really feel the sweat pour with blitz chess or join a rookie community with untimed matches. Wherever your skill level is at, whether you know what a Queen's Gambit is or not, with just a brief study of the rules anyone can hop into a chess match and pursue victory. Oh, and Checkmate (you should have been paying attention).     Wikipedia