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Cooking for Kids Games - Cooking Games 2013

There is almost a cult-like following of all things culinary. As multicellular, heterotrophic eukaryotes that obtain nutrients by ingestion (a.k.a., an animal) food isn't just a source of comfort or satisfaction it is as much a necessity to human survival as the sun and air we breathe - all things that have been worshipped in the past. Accept your inner instincts and that undying lust for food without skimping out on your diet by playing Cooking Games an all food frenzy of cakes, pies, sushi, the grilled and the sauteed. Create your ultimate dream meal from the hors d'oeuvres to the entree and finally the main course (while simultaneously exhausting your knowledge of the French language, c'est la vie).

Of course cooking and food are the heart of these games (or maybe the stomach) but the culinary arts won't be the player's sole focus. Cooking for kids games and all cooking games in general imply restaurant games and the restaurant is as much about business as it is a top-notch menu. Some games may focus on food preparation alone, but most food lovers probably dream of owning and running their own eatery. After the food is prepped brush off your best management skills and keep the business afloat while whipping up the best burger in 50 states and 14 territories. Remember to keep a plate or bowl of your favorite snack handy, these games are going to whet the appetite.     Wikipedia