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Crossword Games

Stoke the fires of your synaptic processers and prepare for a little wordsmithery with Crossword Games. Most classic word games test your spelling abilities, vocabulary and pattern recognition skills, but only the crossword dives down into the meaning of words and how we understand them. If your brain holds a vocabulary as wide as a Martian canyon it will certainly help your chances of successfully completing a crossword, but it can only take the player so far. Even Scrabble is more concerned with spelling and orthodoxy than meaning. All word games are rigorous exercises of the brain, but only the crossword puzzle tests not just your basic rote and repetition but your understanding of the very language you speak down to the fundamentals.

These aren't your average schoolroom Crossword Games (remember the ones the teacher would hand out whenever he or she was having an off day and wanted the class to sit down, shut up and complete the damn puzzle). These word puzzles are not only a challenge for the language center of the player's brain they are genuinely fun and incorporate elements most flash game player's will be familiar with (take Family Guy trivia and put it into a word game=several hours of addicting gameplay). Try one of these free online games and see how well you actually know the language you speak.     Wikipedia