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Most Played Distance Games


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Distance Games

Distance Games - Go the extra mile!

Distance games are something of an oddity with their impressive variations on such a basic theme, and distance games with upgrades add that much more action and challenging gameplay. They range from the cute and casual to the twisted and violent; in other words, something for everyone. Initiate vicious car crashes, beat a geek with a baseball bat, kick a CEO out a window or send a rocket into the ionosphere, it's all about going the distance (of course) by using crack timing and maneuvering skill to move an object as far as possible.

Distance Games are perfect for the casual gamer by taking simple concepts and transforming them into addictive high score attaining extravaganzas. How you manage to rack up the points is up to you. If you have a mind sick enough then your conscious will not be severely damaged, though your soul might, by games like "Kitten Cannon" where the objective...well, it should be obvious. Load up cute kitties like artillery shells into a massive cannon and blast them as far as possible across a screen lined with explosives, spikes, venus fly traps and trampolines. The further you can get the kitten to fly and bounce in bloody patches along the pretty landscape the better your score. But don't worry if you don't have the stomach for such unapologetically brutal fun, other games like "Into Space" have more innocent objectives, but are just as challenging and engaging. This is a game of patience and skill. Gradually upgrade your rocket and dodge through a crowded sky (whatever happened to air traffic control?) until you build enough thrust to reach the moon. This is a game that is fun not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Space race fans smile that knowing smile.

Sit down, pick your poison, take it easy on the cats (yes, there is more than one feline tossing game) and prepare to go the distance with these challenging games.     Wikipedia