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Escape Games

You're trapped. Maybe you know where, maybe you don't. Maybe you're being pursued or maybe you just need to get out. Whether it is a jail, a room or a zombie overrun house Escape Games are puzzling scenarios of brain straining adventure. There are a cargo-ship load of action games out there, and nearly as many puzzle games, but rarely do player's run across a good category of action-puzzle games. The two genres seem like opposites, but all decent adventure quests require brainteasers as well as danger. This category of games will put the player in scenarios that will make the escape scenes in "The Fugitive" look like a walk through the park on a cool spring day.

Escaping may require something as simple as staying alive through multiple zombie waves (simple if you have enough grenades and a high powered rifle) to complex and layered scenarios of gathering clues, unlocking different doors and solving puzzles. With hundreds of Escape Games to choose from players with just enough brains and a cool head under pressure can find a new adventure every day to challenge their abilities in situations they never considered. Leave your expectations at the front desk and prepare yourself for a horde of fast-paced and quick witted adventure.     Wikipedia