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Most Played Farm Games


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Farm Games

You might be expecting a simple country folk category of raising pigs, harvesting corn and driving a tractor down the highway holding up the angry drivers behind you, but you're in for a big surprise if that is the case. Farm Games have an amazing range of variety and complex gameplay the average flash game player is going to faun over. It is true that several of the games in this set require the classical approach of running a farm, but don't get too comfortable in the role of Old McDonald...Ee i ee i oh.

At any moment the aliens could strike. No, you didn't read that wrong. Crop Circles are a mysterious plague of farmland and though many have been explained as hoaxes there is still that handful that cannot be so easily debunked. Keep the aliens from making a snack of the farmer's brains by defending the fields from invasion. And aliens aren't the only brain hungry monster to occasionally run across a farm. There is the distinct possibility that a zombie apocalypse could break out at any moment and armed with a few heavy rifles it will be your job to save the farmer's brain again, this time from the walking dead. Farm Games will keep the player guessing every time, you never know what kind of adventure you might get in next. If there is any category of games on this site where it is fun to pick one at random without looking, this is it. Prepare for action (and don't forget to harvest the crops).     Wikipedia