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Online First Person Shooter Games

Get your eye behind the sights of every damage dealing firearm on the online market with First Person Shooter Games. The FPS game is the classic gun toting virtual simulator. There are more shooting games available on the internet than there are AK-47 rounds on the black market and many of them have difficult, clumsy gameplay or rely too heavily on mindless shell spewing action over actual skilled shooting. The POV-style available in this sub-genre eliminates those dismissive variables by putting the weapon right into the hands and line-of-sight of the player. Truckloads of ammunition won't be enough to win these games, you'll have to put the rounds where they count with accuracy and speed.

Choose your path of destruction and eliminate enemies as a black ops soldier, a sniper, a zombie takeover survivor or just someone out for blood and vengeance. There are tons of heavy firepower weapons with hair triggers waiting for you to unload a few rounds into the chest of an invading extra-terrestrial humanoid monster. First Person Shooter Games have been running strong as a popular form of gaming since the mid-arcade era because they offer the strongest approach to shooting games putting the player face first into the action and emphasizing skill as well as action. Get your gun and unleash hell.     Wikipedia