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Online Flying Games

Pilot, this is air traffic control here to explain to you the basics of flying games, over. You no longer have to rack up those hundreds of flight hours in order to become an accredited pilot, with these games you can skip the tedium of learning to fly and narrow the controls down to a few simple buttons. Take to the air with jets, rockets and everything else that can defy gravity with a little lift and thrust.

Develop the skills of an ace fighter pilot behind the control stick of the most technologically advanced jets the online gaming world could come up with. Experience extreme combat with air to air dogfights and air to ground annihilation. You'll need the skills to pull drastic maneuvers at the drop of a hat while keeping an eye on the enemy. Take them down first or you'll end up being a 50 foot trail of debris spread across a farmland landscape somewhere.

Airplanes are not the only craft you can pilot in flying games. Drive futuristic hover vehicles in the most intense racing games imaginable or slow down a little and learn to fly as a living winged creature. Thinking a little bigger? How about the moon? No problem; build, upgrade and generally improve your rocket and see if you can manage to go from earth based pilot to full blow astronaut. Just don't expect us here at air traffic control to help out any, the skies will be packed tighter than a freeway in rush hour with obstacles for you to avoid on your way into the thermosphere and beyond.

From Iron Man's suit to a parachute glider you can pilot anything and everything with these games, or skip the craft all together and simply fly away out of the cubicle and away from the broken copier to jam out on guitar with a few aliens in space. That's no joke; try Fly Guy for a little space-time warping fun.     Wikipedia