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Marvel Games Online - Marvel Kids Games

Join The Avengers and deal out justice to every mad, power hungry super villain in the universe with Marvel games. All of your favorite heroes are here: Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and the rest of the super crew. You can expect big battles, lots of destruction and a few fancy maneuvers to crush the scum of the earth and achieve victory.

Which super power have you always wanted? Try out the infinite strength and regenerative abilities of The Hulk and smash your way through the puny hordes that will try to stop you. For pure physical power no one can hold up against The Hulk's mean green brutality. If you're looking for something a little more controllable and elegant Captain America has the agility and experience to take down the toughest of foes. Plus you have the added bonus of serving your patriotic duty and knowing you always serve the side of justice. Marvel games are for the comic book super fan who wants more than ink on a page or a few big budget Hollywood films. Nothing gets you closer to the super heroes you know and love more than an interactive flash game.

And, of course, no set of comic book games would be complete without Tony Stark. Forget about super powers, you don't need a blast of gamma radiation or a government experiment to become a powerful hero. Stark's powers are incredible intelligence (not to mention a few billion bucks, which can be considered a by-product of said intelligence). Don the unstoppable Iron Man armor and fly, blast and just plain look cool as you trample enemy after enemy. There are plenty of challenging scenarios to test out your super skills and battle monstrous enemies. Team up with The Avengers today with this great collection of free online games.     Wikipedia