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For the gamers out there looking for an online game that is both fun and relaxing to unwind to after a long day of being talked down to by the boss, sitting in traffic because the same traffic light that is always broken is broken again, and coming home to find the cat decided to use your bed as a litter box, welcome to matching games.

While many gaming categories emphasize big guns, racecars and stressful fast paced action this genre is for the puzzle lover that wants a game that will both challenge their abilities without some complex set of rules to memorize. The premise behind these games should be fairly obvious; match three or more of certain objects, tiles, gems or whatever to either clear the board, rack up points or race against the clock. The games sometimes come with a story line or simple battle scenes for the player who is interested but many of the matching games are very basic and allow the player to progress at their own pace.

Don't confuse relaxing or basic with easy or boring. There are plenty of great action games out there that will no doubt be fun for a while but these old school style games are some of the most addictive fodder available online. It's like the old saying goes, "once you go match you never go back," (or something like that). To find your favorite casual game that will keep you coming back again and again in the evening to play for a few minutes (or hours...probably hours), collected here is the cream of the crop of the best this genre has to offer. Get your brain cells pumped up, forget reality for a little while and pick which one of these games will be your next best gaming addiction.     Wikipedia