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Most Played Motocross Games


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Motocross Games

With just a few simple ingredients thrown together we get the best dual tired, high jumping gaming category on the net - Motocross Games. Add dirt liberally, a bit of horsepower, two wheels, three tablespoons of adrenaline, maybe a few hills for added flavor and a pinch of salt. This is the ultimate extreme sport with a powerful engine thrust between the legs of a fragile human sending them at rocket speeds up slopes and through the air. Try your hand behind the throttle of these dirt bikes, compete in insane races with dozens of other racers, climb mountains, do flips at 50 feet in the air or just have fun going as fast as the pistons can hammer your bike forward. Best not forget your helmet.

Whether you prefer games that stick more with reality and compete in realistic races or want to defy the laws of physics with the aid of a fantasy world flash game here is your opportunity to put your dirt bike to the test. Motocross Games are one of the most popular of racing games because they have such potential for variety and thrills. With enough control and a sack full of guts you just might break a few world records in air time and put your name down in the annals of history...online flash game history, that is.     Wikipedia