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Photo Hunt Games

Engage in the biggest, most unusual and mysterious scavenger hunts imaginable with Photo Hunt Games. Travel the world and search through the most detailed and visually magnificent levels available for free online. Find the hidden objects and clues to solve the level while exploring cities and landscapes of stunning complexity. Take your spatial reasoning capabilities to their limit and test your skills as a master seeker of objects and adventure. If you like to hunt for clues, solve mysteries or just explore mysterious realms this category of games will keep you on your toes searching through the brain bending clutter.

There is a great and varied selection of games available here. Whether you're looking for a peaceful landscape to explore or want a detailed story line where you play as an investigator hunting for clues to solve a crime these Photo Hunt Games are a visual treasure, the perfect settings to search for the objects hidden within. Test your detection abilities and unmask the secrets carefully covered in the chaos of these images. These games are mainly point-and-click so understanding the gameplay is simple but finding the clues and objects will be a great challenge to test your perception. Leave no stone unturned with this puzzling mash of eye watering games.     Wikipedia