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Most Played Physics Games


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Physics Games

You may remember physics as your least favorite class in high school but all those algorithms that seemed so irrelevant and incomprehensible actually add up to something gamers will find indispensable. Physics games center around a key component of the universe and boil it down into a basic but challenging set of gameplay fundamentals. That key component, of course, is gravity.

In the real world if you go up against gravity you inevitably lose, but in the online world of flash games gravity is the primary tool in your arsenal; if it doesn't take you down first. Most of these games require the careful manipulation of some object whether it is a playable character, catapult projectile (rock or fowl) or any number of inanimate objects. Sound easy? Think again. It will take a perceptive mind and a well-timed strategy (that often hinges precariously on the edge with no room for error) to overcome the crafty obstacles found in most physics games. The name of the game is timing and spatial reasoning. Take down a castle or two (or two dozen) with well-aimed stones and bombs from great distances or roll Red Ball on another one of his dangerous adventures avoiding spikes, deadly drops and unfriendly foes.

In these games you will either be the champion of gravity or at its mercy. And since this natural force has no mercy you will inevitably become its victim unless your hand is as steady as your brain is swift. Solve complex puzzles, traverse difficult obstacle courses and use anything from zombies to kittens as ammunition. These games will entertain and challenge every gamer and is one of the top categories for both puzzle and action game fans with both brain bending objectives and plenty of adventure. Just remember Newton's law of universal gravitation: F=G m1m2/r2 (...just kidding).     Wikipedia