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RPG Games

RPG Games for all you Role-Playing Gamers!

Perhaps one of the ultimate gaming genres, RPG Games are for some not so much a past-time and entertainment as a full-fledged religion. The altar of the RPG is stained with the sweat and blood of uncountable sacrifices by gamers who find in their unparalleled detail and adventure a worthy outlet for their epic desires. All games have an element of escapism to them, but these fantasy and adventure games allow their players to enter new and exciting worlds of mystery, action and heroism on a level that most genres cannot reach. Welcome to the world of the Geek Kings and the Armchair adventurers.

For those not familiar with RPG Games (that's Role-Playing Games for you newbies) you cannot consider yourself a serious, or even a casual, gamer until you've proven your merit among these gaming gems. Many of these games follow in the vein of "Dungeon King," an epic fantasy game of sword and sorcery where you control the movements of a single brave barbarian warrior traversing the terrible tunnels of dank and dingy dungeons full of monstrous enemies on grandiose quests of valor. Games like these test your merit with the battle ax, but don't worry if you're not such a fantasy gaming fan. If fantasy is the backbone of this gaming genre than action adventure is the spinal fluid that keeps it functional. This can be anything from surviving the world of a zombie holocaust, leading a futurist army into battle, to simple and sweet adventure games like "William and Sly," a beautifully designed game with great depth where you must seek out artifacts, solve puzzles and complete challenging quests.

These RPG Games are often of higher quality than your average flash game and sometimes can have shockingly good graphics and deep, immersive story lines. That's not to say other flash games aren't good, but these stand on a pedestal all their own. These games are not just played, once you hit the start button you'll enter a complex world of trials, battles and, of course, adventure that will keep you busy for as long as you want (or at least until your arm goes numb, whichever comes first). Fans of Zelda, the Baulder's Gate series and Final Fantasy (in other words, the hardcore gamers who know what's good) will find here a massive selection of great games to supplement their daily diet of Role-playing adventure. For the rest, it is time to prove your worth as a gamer and choose your next favorite game.     Wikipedia