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Free Racing Games

Free Racing Games to play online!

No stop signs, no speed limits and no meddling fuzz to slow you down. Free racing games are about unfiltered white knuckle speed and the skills behind the wheel to keep the vehicle from careening out of control in a blaze of 120 mph destruction. Speed freaks have here a gaming mecca of the best turbo-engine racers that will turn the world into a blur.

Choose your terrain; on the streets, the racetrack, off-road, uphill or even in space (which gives speed new meaning with its lack of friction and low gravity. Isnt physics fun?). Racing is much more than a few flimsy formula cars circling a giant paved track. Every surface and every vehicle has the ability to transform into an adrenaline fueled fight to the finish. Wheels are not even a necessity; take to the rapids and see how quick you can maneuver a dangerous river or try out the slopes with a madly fast ski ride down a bumpy mountain side. Do not forget to throw in a few dazzling stunts to show off your skills and rack up points, earn trophies and inflate your ego. Extreme terrain is part of the challenge and half the fun. Driving fast on a road is one thing, but pushing the limits of an engine halfway up the Alps is something altogether different and heart stopping.

But of course there are those who will always have a more classic approach to racing games online. While a few freestyle stunt oriented games are a great challenge and test of driving skills the racetrack and streets pose trials of their own. Do a few laps on one of many racing courses with the car of your choice. Play time challenges to test just how fast you can go or go for broke and race against a number of other drivers to see how you stack up. There are plenty of high stakes courses to test the limits of ground speed. No need to worry about g-forces, which is good since breaking the sound barrier is a real possibility with some of the more turbo charged games that will rocket your delicate craft to unheard of velocities.

Do not repress; everyone, whether they are a car or racing enthusiast or not, has dreams of burying the needle of a speedometer once or twice. Those annoying traffic laws make reality a little too boring and rigid. With racing games online you can experience the excitement of breaking every rule you ever learned in driving school from the comfort of the sofa. Whether your racing fantasy is in an Indy car, speedboat, dirt bike, tank or just the families SUV, you can take their motors to the max with the convenient support of a few good flash games.     Wikipedia