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Sniper Games Online

The definitive marksman gaming challenges are sniper games. The player will need perfect precision, the steadiest of hands, the calm of a Zen Buddhist monk and absolutely no mercy. Don't get this category confused with shooting games which can toss away bullets like they are candy corn in action packed romps of mass casualty goodness; this genre is all about putting as few bullets as possible where it counts. This is for the elite rifle handling junkies (full metal jacket required).

Snipers aren't just military gunmen they are more akin to modern day ninjas. Being able to pick off a single hair from a cat's tail at 700 yards is impressive, but it doesn't make you a sniper it only makes you a good shot. Sniper games are as much about covert movement and strategy, perhaps more so, as it is about putting a chunk of lead between the eyes of enemy number one. While playing these games you'll need patience, fast reaction time and constant vigilance. Shoot the wrong person, give away your position or alert the wrong guard at the wrong time and your career as a sniper will be over as quick as a muzzle flash.

No one will be safe if you have what it takes to be a top flash game sniper. There is an excellent selection of the best games available here to keep the 'one-shot' fans coming back again and again. For pulse-pounding action, the most difficult long range shooting challenges and the opportunity to watch a stick figure's head explode like a watermelon stop searching through game page after game page for something good to play, you've found your niche. Take a deep breath, hold it, wait for the fraction of a second between heartbeats and remember to squeeze the trigger, don't pull it.     Wikipedia