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Solitaire Games Online

Sometimes the most alluring games are the simplest. Relax and unwind with this great list of challenging but casual Solitaire Games. Despite the unlistable number of video games that have been created since the 70's, including the expansive 3D world adventures of today's consoles, these classic games of cards, words and tiles still appeal to many fans. Humanity has been playing these games, or games similar to them, long before your great-great grandfather was born. They are part of your heritage as a gamer, and when action-adventure, fast paced driving and a decapitated stickman seem like too much to handle try one of these fun games.

There are several great Mahjong and Word Games here for the player with a proclivity towards them, but the real core of Solitaire Games will probably forever be in the realm of the deck of cards. These 52 colored bits of paper are really the ultimate example of gaming at its best. There is, and forever will be, a certain mystique behind the deck of cards (think of Tarot and magic tricks) that continues to fascinate people to this day. With a nearly endless combination of games to play using only these few humble objects it is hard to go wrong with card games. Put your feet up, chill out and enjoy the best of classic solo gaming.     Wikipedia