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Most Played Space Games


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Space Games

It is the final frontier, an expanse of mystery, and you can go there with space games. For the ambitious astronaut with the urge to explore or to conquer the unknown strap in and blast off for adventure (insert corny splint infinitive catch phrase here...that means you, Shatner).

Television show inspired romantic angle on outer-space aside, this category of games has the best selection of adventure and distance games and often incorporates multiple upgrades to boost your spaceships power, speed and maneuverability. Games like "I Am Flying to the Moon" and "Into Space" are reality grounded distance games with upgrades that offer an intense challenge of sending a chemical fueled rocket (that slowly becomes more advanced as you earn points or cash by getting further into the atmosphere and beyond) from ground control to the crater laced surface of our moon. For fans of the space race era of history and just plain lovers of games with upgrades, which these have tons of, this category will keep you busier than a mission control technician on launch day.

Space Games is also a great category for action fans. Space doesn't just mean exploration and travel, it means futuristic weapons, androids and huge starship battles. Blast your way into the galaxy with a few badass energy weapons, decimate alien civilizations (they have it coming) and expand your stellar empire as far as possible. Like most good gaming categories this one has a variety behind its central theme. Solve puzzles, manage networks under your control, mindlessly move through levels firing laser rifles or earn fortunes mining asteroids for unheard of precious minerals. Online flash games have gone into orbit and to the constellations to continue to bring gaming fans everywhere the best and most addictive video gaming creations in this (or out of this) world.     Wikipedia