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Online Spelling Games

Spelling Games are perhaps the purest and most foundational of all word games because they deal with the very structure and pronunciation of languages more than they deal with definitions, meaning or reasoning abilities - skills often necessary for crossword puzzles and other games. Test your skills with the most basic and challenging of word games.

A few hundred years ago spelling was not strictly regulated or standardized, people could sound out and spell phonetically and whether you spelled a word 'through' or 'thru' no one could prove one more correct than the other except by common usage. As English language dictionaries slowly came into effect at the end of the Shakespearian era proper spelling has become almost an obsession for some. Today being able to spell is a mark of intelligence and competence as well as a necessary skill (try misspelling a few words on your resume and see if you get the job). Exercise your brain by challenging yourself to a few of these free Spelling Games. Take your vernacular vocabulary to the very void and become that one guy on every online comment page who corrects everybody's spelling. Use these games to both have fun and improve your brain cells.     Wikipedia