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Most Played Stickman Games


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Fun Stickman Games and Stickman Killing Games

These little simplistic black line creatures have come a long way from the humble doodle at the center of many a 'hangman' game done on the back of a notebook on the bus ride home from school. Fun Stickman games are now one of the cornerstones of online flash games with some of the biggest, best and most memorable games situated neatly in this often gruesome category. For some hilarious reason bad things always tend to happen to these poor drawings from the time of the innocent 'hangman' era (never has a group lynching been so innocent) to the new and much more bloody era of online games. To the gamers endless enjoyment... the stickman will continue to be smashed, shot, decapitated, gouged, burned, dropped, beaten, torn apart and everything in between. Being so evil never felt so good.

Not every example of fun stickman killing games necessarily contains gratuitous violence. Some examples are innocent adventures and these games can be fun, challenging and well designed. But let's face it, you know why you're really here. From the expansive Sift Heads world of mafia hitman action to the more simplistic suicide machines of Stickicide these games will keep you inventing new and more interesting ways to torment and exterminate endless hordes of stick figures. Crawl behind the lens of a sniper rifle and watch as the heads of the enemy stickman pop like potatoes in the microwave or traverse bizarre obstacle courses where the objective isn't to survive but to find the most unusual and exciting way to die.

The stickman game never gets old and there are dozens of the best examples of the genre collected here for your sick stick enjoyment. Whether you're battling machines, riding dirt bikes or scattering lead into the head of anyone in your way these games will keep you coming back for more. There is only one true winner of this genre - the gamer. The loser will inevitably be forever the stickman.     Wikipedia