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Stunt Games

Step up gamers and learn a little something before you play these high risk adrenaline pumping Stunt Games. Why do people enjoy taking risks? It seems to defy all common sense and principles of self-preservation to drive a motorcycle through a flaming hoop over a dozen yellow school buses, but we seem to love it. There is no middle ground here, you're either a thrill seeker or risk averse - and the brain chemical that sets them apart is dopamine, a little element that is responsible for satisfaction and enjoyment. The simplest explanation is that people that enjoy putting their life in jeopardy have brains that are more saturated in this happiness toxin. Simple as that, now you know.

The great thing about this category of games is that you can belong to either faction and still enjoy these great games. You can feel the excitement of jumping from the roof of a moving car without actually worrying about having your foot crushed off by a passing Audit if you happen to stumble. Everybody wins with online Stunt Games. Catch some extreme air, hit the slopes and drive at speeds only a suicidal maniac would risk. With tons of motocross action, steep hills and insane ramps this niche of action games will keep your dopamine levels nice and high.     Wikipedia