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Super Mario Games for KidsHe is the icon of icons in the world of video games, a true rags to riches story - Super Mario Games for kids are synonymous with video games themselves. He began as a humble jumping man trying to save a princess from a barrel chucking ape, today he is the world's most famous princess rescuing plumber with a franchise of games that stretches through four decades. Quite an achievement for someone with one set of clothes. Straight from their Nintendo based homeland the Mario Bros. have joined the online gaming community in all new adventures with more princess rescuing and dragon slaying than your average British folktale.

Immerse yourself back into the classic realm of Mario to stomp more goombas, spit fire, eat magic mushrooms and, of course, traverse dangerous castles to save Princess Peach from the clutches of the ever persistent Bowser. Kick back with one of the retro-tributes or try out a new Mario as you've never seen him before (can everyone say 'Gangsta Mario'). You cannot consider yourself a gamer until you've spent time behind the controls of Super Mario Games, so earn your scout badges and help the plumber brothers in these original adventures only available online. Join Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach and Yoshi and help stop the hordes of villains bend on overtaking the Mushroom Kingdom.     Wikipedia