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Traffic Games

There are three things in everyday life that most people hate above all else: their job, dropping their toothbrush on a dirty floor and right near the top of the list, traffic. Traffic Games are further evidence that tedious actions in real life make great flash games (except for maybe the toothbrush thing). You don't want to be stuck in traffic in the real world, but online finding yourself stuck playing games like "Trafficator" and unable to quit is a different story. Games give the player more control and negate any consequences that might arise from certain actions emphasizing skill and reaction time over the mundane reality of just sitting there.

Of course the player's actual goal in these games isn't to get stuck in traffic but to avoid it. Take on the role of a traffic manager and keep the intersections flowing smoothly, avoiding pedestrians and collisions. Traffic Games are about time management and critical thinking, like playing chess with motor vehicles instead of little plastic pieces. Keep one step ahead of the motorists, strategically move vehicles through traffic lights and roundabouts and avoid pile ups and fender benders. These free online games give the player complete power over the streets, roads, highways, freeways and parkways (but not driveways, odd).     Wikipedia