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Typing Games

Online Typing Games

In the not too distant past the ability to write short-hand was the ultimate dictation and notation tool. Keyboards quickly overtook that old skill and now those with the limber fingers of a piano-forte savant behind the computer keyboard are the new power to be. Typing Games will challenge your speed and efficiency with the English language, those still hen-pecking their alphabet are going to fall faster than the popularity of an As Seen on T.V. gizmo. Typing doesn't have to be a boring task, these games take this everyday skill of necessity and transform it into fun and interesting scenarios.

These games have a number of sub-categories that test not only the player's WPM but their vocabulary and spelling proficiency. Defend a castle in "Extreme Spelling" as a word toting sorcerer. The faster you can keep up with the list of words flowing across the screen as enemy soldiers the better you will defend the stockades under your care. From deep space to the seven seas the player can travel anywhere with an arsenal of letters and typing fury to test their merits as an 'asdf/jkl;' expert. Typing Games are one of the few online flash game genres that are not only fun but sharpen and exercise a necessary skill for the modern world.     Wikipedia