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Mahjong in all senses of the game. Though it is timed, which means sadly- it might be worth to use that reshuffle and hint button, I myself try not to since it's a total kill as far as your accomplishment goes, but I won't be afraid to admit- I lost on level 1 cause of running out of time. Now, I may not have been giving it my full attention, but; yeah, level 1? Unacceptable... That's like.. It's like.. I can't think of a bad enough example, nothing is as rediculous as losing on level 1! This game also has a downloaded version, but while I like the Mahjong it's giving em- I suspect it's going to hassle me for the download, so I'm going with staying to online play.. I don't feel like uninstalling Bing Toolbar, changing my home from, or being the 10 Billionth To This Random Popup. Elite Mahjong is one of our many Board Games that we publish on This game is also tagged as a Mahjong game. Click the play button to start having fun. To play even more free games, view our popular and new games page. If you want to play more games like this, then you can simply check out the games inside the game tags that are the most relevant to your interests or the Board Games category or the games like this game page at the end of the game tags.

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