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The fate of Egypt is up in the air. Someone needs to come along and save it and that person just so happens to be you. With 88 levels, and each one being more difficult than the previous, there will never be a dull moment in Luxor Amun Rising. Battle your way through the levels and kill the Princes of Megiddo. The alternative is the downfall of Ancient Egypt and all that it stands for. Use your mouse to shoot balls in to oncoming balls before they reach their destination and destroy you; match three or more to get rid of, and slow, the oncoming balls.

Luxor 2Luxor 2Luxor 2
Bubble CannonBubble CannonBubble Cannon
Zen BlasterZen BlasterZen Blaster
Bubble ShooterBubble ShooterBubble Shooter
Brilliant CrystalsBrilliant CrystalsBrilliant Crystals
Bouncing BallsBouncing BallsBouncing Balls
Penga PopPenga PopPenga Pop