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The familiar Mario is here with an unfamiliar thing to do: ride a bike! This motocross game puts you in the shoes of the red plumber and you can control him with the arrow keys. Up is for accelerate, down is for reverse, right is for leaning forward and left is for leaning backwards. The speed may be too fast if Mario is driving on a plain grounds, but there would be plenty of slopes to slow you down and try to make you crash, although they provide opportunities for awesome looking back flips or front flips. Collect the coins to increase your score and try to finish the level quickly because your time is running. If you crash, you have to restart from the very beginning of the area but your clock will refresh too. Dont keep pressing the accelerate unless you know what youre doing, because sometimes going too fast before a jump can make you go past coins that would be hard or impossible to collect by then.

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