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It is the very slight near future, and we need more buildings to accommodate our increase in population. The buildings we need to make need to be taller, and sturdier then before. You are a builder in charge of building these huge towers. Use your mouse to select one of the pieces on the left and use the A and D keys to rotate them. Then carefully place them on the platform and stack the pieces on top of each other trying to build the best tower for each level. There are several different game play modes in case you get bored, and to help hone your building skills.

Brick StackerBrick StackerBrick Stacker
Perfect Balance 2Perfect Balance 2Perfect Balance 2
Perfect Balance: Harmony EditorPerfect Balance: Harmony EditorPerfect Balance: Harmony Editor
Perfect Balance 3 Last TrialsPerfect Balance 3 Last TrialsPerfect Balance 3 Last Trials
Perfect Balance 3Perfect Balance 3Perfect Balance 3
Perfect Balance: PlaygroundPerfect Balance: PlaygroundPerfect Balance: Playground
Imperfect Balance 2Imperfect Balance 2Imperfect Balance 2
Imperfect BalanceImperfect BalanceImperfect Balance