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In the 2nd rendition of Lose the Heat, the intensity and chaos has been cranked up to 11! This 3D racer pits you against cops trying to take you down, get rid of those pesky officers by avoiding them, wrecking them, or taking them out with your over-the-top special moves. In pursuit of your captured girlfriend, Lose the Heat 2 motivates you with power and greed, and keeps the story going with updates on your pager. Navigate the track with the directional keys, and perform some crazy stunts with Z and V. Grab a drink and take a bathroom break before getting started because Lose the Heat 2 will keep you enthralled through out the entire game.

Lose the HeatLose the HeatLose the Heat
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Power DrivingPower DrivingPower Driving
Rally Point 3Rally Point 3Rally Point 3
Split Second Arcade EditionSplit Second Arcade EditionSplit Second Arcade Edition
Lose the Heat 3Lose the Heat 3Lose the Heat 3
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