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You play as a Dr. Seuss cute looking character trying to get to your hat in every level. Some levels you will need to tear off limbs of your body to hit buttons or fit and crawl into small spaces in order to get to your hat. You will faced with some difficult puzzle where you have to measure the wight of your body parts against others in order to get to your hat. So why is your hat so important? It may transport you to other realms. It may help you fly. It may turn you invisible. Or it may just look quite dashing. Now if only the blasted thing wouldn't keep running away! Much like the wicked witch of the west risked life and limb for ruby slippers, you will definitely sacrifice limb, and sometimes accidentally life in order to get your hat back. Understand how your body works, because in order to get your hat, some of the puzzles that you will have to solve will require some body parts.

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