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The King of this land has banished all magic and sorcery and threatened to enslave any who use it. One summoner trained in the dark arts does not like this news and will fight this law with his powers and bring a new age of enlightenment to the land he loves and refuses to leave. Summon zombie and skeletons to combat the peasants and soldiers as you make your way to the castle. While your minions have the soldiers at a stand still you will cast spells on them to end their life. Buy upgrades for your powerful spells at the end of each area from the Book of Destiny and also learn new summons to where you can call on forces like the Succubus where she will seduce peasants into fighting for your cause.

Zombie WarZombie WarZombie War
Last TownLast TownLast Town
Rebuild 2Rebuild 2Rebuild 2
Infectonator SurvivorsInfectonator SurvivorsInfectonator Survivors
Infectonator Survivors: ChristmasInfectonator Survivors: ChristmasInfectonator Survivors: Christmas
Robots vs ZombiesRobots vs Zombies Robots vs Zombies