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Choose the car from the given options and take part in the challenging races. The tracks will feature two other racers who will prove to be a tough challenge for you. In each level of the game, you must try to reach the finish line before your challengers make it there. Since this is point scoring online game, you must not miss the opportunity to collect the useful items that are scattered around. It will by no means be an easy task to negotiate the turns and curves on the tracks but you are here because you think you have the driving and racing skills the game demands from you.

Turbo Racing 2Turbo Racing 2Turbo Racing 2
Rally Point 3Rally Point 3Rally Point 3
Traffic SlamTraffic SlamTraffic Slam
Split Second Arcade EditionSplit Second Arcade EditionSplit Second Arcade Edition
Max SpeedMax SpeedMax Speed
Zombie KartsZombie KartsZombie Karts
Burnin' Rubber 5Burnin' Rubber 5Burnin' Rubber 5
Lose the Heat 2Lose the Heat 2Lose the Heat 2