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Become the most renowned fighter of the arena! Customize your character and fight other players of the same level or higher depending on your choices. Once you level up you can upgrade your characters statistics to make him or her a more unique fighter. With your winnings you will be able to buy new weapons that will increase your damage to your opponents. You can also get new equipment and armor to better defend yourself against the damage that your character will take during a fight.

Swords and SoulsSwords and SoulsSwords and Souls
Spartacus: First BloodSpartacus: First BloodSpartacus: First Blood
Ultimate Arena ExtremeUltimate Arena ExtremeUltimate Arena Extreme
EGO Fighting ChampionshipEGO Fighting ChampionshipEGO Fighting Championship
Siegius ArenaSiegius ArenaSiegius Arena
BIONICLE: Glatorian Arena 2BIONICLE: Glatorian Arena 2BIONICLE: Glatorian Arena 2