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You and your Princess have drawn an evil entity that has now come to life. It has taken your princess and it is up to you to save her. In order to do that you must complete the levels in this game. You are essentially a cube and have limited movement. The puzzle is to maneuver your block person across a maze design without throwing the block person over the edge. You need to calculate your movements exactly. Sometimes you may even need to walk the block person around in a circle to get them in the perfect position to cross a narrow pathway.

Orbox COrbox COrbox C
Lost YetiLost YetiLost Yeti
Max Connect 2Max Connect 2Max Connect 2
Sky GardenSky GardenSky Garden
Layer Maze 3Layer Maze 3Layer Maze 3
Simple MotionsSimple MotionsSimple Motions
Simple Motions 2Simple Motions 2Simple Motions 2