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You are the one and only champion and now it is time to see if you can live up to the title. You must defeat all of the bots that attack you in each level. Each level will have more and more bots attacking you at once. Each time you complete a level you will be given money. Use this money to upgrade your weapons, armor, and health. When you need each of these things, they will pop up in the middle of the room. You need to go after it as soon as you see it because they are only there for a limited time. You can only be attacked from behind.

SAS: Zombie AssaultSAS: Zombie AssaultSAS: Zombie Assault
Undead IsleUndead IsleUndead Isle
Hot ZombHot ZombHot Zomb
Zombies in the ShadowZombies in the ShadowZombies in the Shadow
Stickman ShooterStickman ShooterStickman Shooter
Zombies Everywhere!Zombies Everywhere!Zombies Everywhere!
Bloody NightBloody NightBloody Night
Crush the TowerCrush the TowerCrush the Tower