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Pick a hero that you will want to play. Personally I like the guy with the axe because I feel he does more damage. Press E to show your cursor and move your skills down to the hot-key bar so when you press the number 1 and 2 keys it will use those skills on demand. Run around the first level and hack and slash down 50 zombies and then you will need to look for a portal to move to level 2. Once you find the portal press E to show your cursor again and click the Let's Go button.

Undead ThroneUndead ThroneUndead Throne
Zombie KnightZombie KnightZombie Knight
Eleventh HourEleventh HourEleventh Hour
Pillow City ZeroPillow City ZeroPillow City Zero
Quantum ZombiesQuantum ZombiesQuantum Zombies
Pillow City RevelationPillow City RevelationPillow City Revelation
Zombie at the GatesZombie at the GatesZombie at the Gates
The Muck WarsThe Muck WarsThe Muck Wars