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Slay enemies one after the other and collect their loot to use to purchase armor, weapon, speed and critical attack upgrades. Each time you pass a house you will have a chance to put your loot towards these upgrades after dashing through an entire line of them. You can always run backwards to collect a little extra loot to beef up your hero for the stronger enemies and bosses that lay ahead on the right side of the screen.

Knight Age 2: CrusadesKnight Age 2: CrusadesKnight Age 2: Crusades
Knight Age NightmareKnight Age NightmareKnight Age Nightmare
King's RiderKing's RiderKing's Rider
Knightmare TowerKnightmare TowerKnightmare Tower
Dungeon RunnerDungeon RunnerDungeon Runner
Knight RunnerKnight RunnerKnight Runner
Loo HeroLoo HeroLoo Hero
Shopping Cart Hero 2Shopping Cart Hero 2Shopping Cart Hero 2