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You have infiltrated the flies and the spiders plan to wage a war against the flies that outnumber them three to one. You are a Spiderling and do not look like a a typical spider yet that is why you have been able to become friends with them. You will need to navigate through caverns using your jumping skills and your spiderweb to swing from the ceiling across huge pits of spikes. It does take some skill to swing and reattach the spider string so do not get stressed if you die quite a few times.

Demon ShiftDemon ShiftDemon Shift
Bendy SpideyBendy SpideyBendy Spidey
Spiderman UnderoosSpiderman UnderoosSpiderman Underoos
One Click NinjaOne Click NinjaOne Click Ninja
Robot Wants PuppyRobot Wants PuppyRobot Wants Puppy
Bazooka Boy 2Bazooka Boy 2Bazooka Boy 2