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Classic Arcade Games and Retro Games

Arcade Games OnlineArcade games, once thought to be doomed by the inventions of the computer and gaming systems, can now be played online! And they don't even have to be downloaded!
Arcade games have always been pretty simple in nature. Despite their simplicity, there are many different types of objectives between the games themselves. While the objective of Super Mario was to kill all of the enemies, Pac-man was to eat all of the dots on the screen. There are even differences between the shooters: Duck Hunt focused on the aim of the player to shoot the ducks as they flew across the screen, while the famous Metal Slug games relied on a players button pressing abilities to progress through a level while shooting enemies. All of these games are similar in the respect that after you complete the level which you are on, you progress to the next more challenging level. Here is a brief overview of two of the games which have been mentioned.
Mario - What is thought by many to perhaps be one of the greatest arcade games in history! You play Mario as you progress from left to right on the screen jumping underneath blocks to smash them or on top of them to avoid enemies. if you jump underneath a block with a "?" symbol, you get either gold coins or a power-up! There are a few ways to kill enemies in this game. The most common way is by jumping right on their heads. The second way is jumping and hitting a block which they are standing on top of. This will flip them upside down and make them vulnerable to simple touch from Mario (In earlier versions of the series, this is the only way to kill enemies). The final way is through the numerous power-ups you can get throughout the game.
Pacman - This is definitely one of the most addictive arcade games out there! You play a little semi-circle whos' goal it is to eat all of the little pellets within a maze. Your enemies are the multicolored ghosts which chase you throughout the maze. If they touch you, you die! the only way to defeat them is to eat one of the four big pellets in the maze. This will make them blue and will make them run away from you, but also vulnerable to you devouring them. The fruits give you extra points!